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Nestled in the heart of a valley near the majestic mountains of Cochabamba, Bolivia stands a place of hope for children: The Bolivian Hope Center.  And there are thousands of children in Cochabamba that are desperately in need of hope.

On average, three children are abandoned and left to fend for themselves every day in the city of Cochabamba, because their parents can no longer take care of them.

The local women’s prison houses 1,000 children who are forced to serve their mother’s sentence because there is no other place for them to live.  Life for these children becomes a miserable existence.  They sleep on makeshift floor mats and are only fed if their mother has the ability to pay for their food.  And even then they are not safe from the streets...when the prison becomes “overcrowded,” the older children (as young as 10 years old) are removed from the prison and sent out into the streets, expected to find their own way in the world.

These desperate children need a dynamic solution!

A Work of Life has partnered with the Bolivian Hope Center to help care for these precious children.  Through volunteers and donations, A Work of Life has helped build a three story home that can provide short-term and long-term care for the children of Cochabamba.

Bolivian Hope Center
Cochabamba, Bolivia
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$82.00 a month will feed, house, and educate a Bolivian child whose mother has been incarcerated.

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